Non-Solicitation Policy

Studio SV does not knowingly accept unsolicited submissions, including, without limitation, submissions by you of creative materials, blog ideas, articles, scripts, story lines, fan fiction, characters, drawings, information, suggestions, proposals, ideas or concepts. Studio SV requests that you do not make any unsolicited submissions. Any similarity between an unsolicited submission and any elements in Studio SV’s creative work would be purely coincidental. Any unsolicited submissions shall be considered non-confidential and non-proprietary, and will be returned to the sender, deleted or discarded, without being reviewed. If you nevertheless choose to ignore our policy and submit unsolicited materials to us, you acknowledge that (i) your unsolicited submissions are not being made in confidence or trust and that by making such submissions no contractual or fiduciary relationship is created between you and Studio SV; (ii) any such unsolicited submissions and copyright become the property of and will be owned by Studio SV and may be used, copied, sublicensed, adapted, transmitted, distributed, publicly performed, published, displayed or deleted as Studio SV sees fit; (iii) you are not entitled to any compensation, credit or notice whatsoever in connection with such submissions; and (iv) by sending an unsolicited submission you waive any right to make any claim against Studio SV relating to any unsolicited submissions by you including, without limitation, unfair competition, breach of implied contract or breach of confidentiality.